Pleasant View Elementary School
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten through 5
50 Obediah Brown Road (02909)
Principal: Dr. Gara B. Field
Tel: (401) 456-9325, 9326 Fax: (401) 453-8656

Our  bell times for the 2014-2015 school year are:

PreK – 5 grade ~ 8:00AM – 2:31PM (Mon. – Thurs.) & 8:00AM – 1:11PM (Fri.)

PreK ½ day AM ~ 8:00AM – 10:055AM (Mon. – Thurs.) & 8:00AM – 10:05AM (Fri.)

PreK ½ day PM ~ 11:35AM – 2:31PM (Mon. – Thurs.) & 11:05AM – 1:11PM (Fri.)

Pleasant View is entering year 3 of our transformation through technology. We emphasize relationships, rigor, engagement, enrichment, and a personalized approach through blended learning. Since 2012, we’ve crushed our targets to increase student achievement. In 2013 -14, our students had the most statistically significant growth on standardized tests (NECAP math & reading) in the city of Providence, and the second highest in the state of Rhode Island (as reported by Linda Borg of The Providence Journal on March 14, 2014).
When we began our transformation in 2011, math proficiency rates for PV 3rd graders was as low as 17%. As of the fall of 2013, PV 3rd graders increased math proficiency rates to 49%, and 3rd grade students also increased reading proficiency from 41% to 61% in 3 years. There is much work to be done, yet we are a school in transformation where students, teachers, and families have come together to place value on learning and technology through authentic engagement.
Rhode Island Education Commissioner Dr. Deborah Gist has launched a statewide initiative to transform schools through blended learning, and Pleasant View is leading the way. We will be one of the first, and one of the very few schools in RI to be identified by the state as a priority school in 2011 to define what it means to be a successful transformation school. Our PV faculty and families will have much to celebrate this fall when RIDE releases new classifications. Stay tuned!
Fall 2012 – NECAP 
Our Fall 2012 NECAP scores were publicly released on Friday, February 8, 2013. Pleasant View had some the largest gains in all of PPSD. More specifically, while we aimed for 3% - 4% gains each year over the next 3 years in our School Reform Plan, we achieved the following this year:
Schoolwide – 7% increase in Reading proficiency (up from 44% to 51%)
Schoolwide – 6% increase in Mathematics proficiency (up from 32% to 38%)
5th grade –  14% increase in Writing proficiency (up from 35% to 49%)
Other noteworthy statistics include 4th grade gains (current 5th graders) in reading from 39% to 53% proficient/proficient with distinction (+14% from 2011 to 2012), and 5th grade gains (current 6th graders) improved in Math from 28% proficient to 44% proficient/proficient with distinction in Math (+16% from 2011 to 2012).
These improved test scores are not only statistically significant; they are significant of a changing culture at our school focused on rigor, relevance, and relationships. Kudos to our amazing teachers and inspiring students, and supportive families. Panther PRIDE: Perseverance: Respect: Integrity: Determination: Excellence!