E-Cubed Academy (High School)
Accredited by: The New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

Grades: 9 through 12
812 Branch Avenue
Providence, RI 02904
Tel: (401) 456-0694, 0695
Fax: (401) 456-0696

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The mission of E-Cubed Academy is to create a vibrant student-centered community that will eliminate all barriers to learning, thus capitalizing upon the academic, social, and civic potentials of all learners.

E Cubed Academy High School integrates a wealth of experiences for its students which includes but is not limited to cooperative athletics with Hope High School, debate competitions, college field trips, art presentations and awards, clubs and community organization partnerships. We have worked hard to position ourselves proficient reading and writing scores as well as make great gains in math. As a small high school learning community, we have made great strides by accomplishing NEASC Accreditation and state testing scores that compete at the district and state level.  As evident in the name, Educational Excellence through Empowerment (E3), E-Cubed Academy makes it clear that the school as a whole believes that all learners can succeed if given the proper tools, motivation, and confidence. At every level there exists opportunities for students to explore a variety of academic and career pathways by applying and extending their learning to real world settings through career and college tours, research projects, and in class real-world activities. Senior project and research seminar classes directly deal with the civic expectation to actively participate in a variety of school and community programs that provide experience in leadership, decision-making and service.  Behavior expectations explicitly outlined in the student handbook meet all other social and civic expectations.

                                                        Regina C. Winkfield, Principal

                                                        John McCarthy, Assistant Principal

   Anita Glass                                                                     Lin Taing
   Guidance Counselor Grades 11 and 12                     Guidance Counselor Grades 9 and 10 anita.glass@ppsd.org                                                      lin.taing@ppsd.org